Rhino Trunk and Case is America’s premier trunk and case maker. We’ve been supplying trunks and cases for decades and have become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of trunks. No one offers as many styles, sizes and color options. Combine that with our excellent customer service, high quality and fast shipping times, its no wonder we’ve become an industry leader.

In 2005, Rhino Trunk and Case moved into its current 40,000 sq. ft. facility. All design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution is handled out of this location in Rochester, NY. We design and manufacture trunks and cases for government agencies, military installations, universities, businesses, wholesalers, retailers and ad agencies as well as many niche markets. We make our trunks and cases in a myriad of exteriors, including natural woods, leather, duck, cordura, ballistic nylon and countless fabrics. You can even provide your own fabrics.

No matter what type of trunk or case you’re looking for, Rhino has an option. Choose from over 175 “stock” possibilities or have us design one to your custom specs. Whatever your need may be, Rhino can deliver. Should you need further information, please contact our sales department at sales@rhinotrunkandcase.com or call us at 585-244-4553.

Consumers can purchase our products through our retailers.
Wholesale inquiries – contact us at 585-244-4553 or sales@rhinotrunkandcase.com

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